Do you feel like you're in a RUT or you've hit a PLATEAU in your MARRIAGE and you just can't seem to get back on track? We're going to help you KICKSTART your CONNECTION in a few simple steps...
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Keeping our Relationship a priority after having our daughter wasn't easy for us. After creating our plan with this guide, we feel like friends again and are staying on track! It was such a simple way to reconnect and feel re-inspired to make our relationship a priority again. 

Joe & Whitney, California

Set Your Target
Create the vision for amazing relationship success.
Determine The Steps
Turn your Vision into the Specific Actions that get you fast results. 
Check Progress
Know if the steps you are taking are actually working.
Stay On Track
Our simple system helps you to both stay focused and stay the course!
Hi! We are Lance and Brandy Salazar.

We help couples reconnect their relationships with the limited time they have available while raising a family.

Like many of you, we fell in love, got married, and thought we would be happily connected forever.
Everything changed when we had kids. Our marriage was abruptly put on the back burner as we juggled taking care of our kids, work, and life. After marriage therapy didn't work, we were discussing divorce. But deep inside, we knew we had too much to lose. We began implementing effective strategies that we had learned from our successful business and health coaches and began a radical journey to rebuild our relationship. 

The Relationship Planning Guide is the first step for saving our marriage and is a tool we continue to use to keep our relationship on track. Once we began to witness The Guide working with other couples we had shared it with, we knew we had to share it with the rest of the world! 

We want to help you eliminate the guesswork so you can get the results you desire as quickly as possible. We know you can!

Lance & Brandy
Connecting your Relationship is ONE CLICK Away
Reconcile & Reset
We understand firsthand that some of us have some things we need to leave in the past before we can move forward! We are including our 3 step system to Reset your Relationship so you can move forward with your future vision! 
Lance and Brandy bring a rare level of deep rooted authenticity and vulnerability coupled with an insatiable desire for growth in all aspects of their personal and business lives. They have helped shape more respectful, fun and meaningful experiences in our relationship with each other, and our kids. We are fortunate to know them and eager to learn more from the example they lead. 

Shawn and Cheryl, Pennsylvania
Connecting your Relationship is ONE CLICK Away
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